Friday, January 16, 2009

King's Dragon

I've created a little bit of a dilemma for myself. I did it by reading King's Dragon by Kate Elliot. It's a great book. It's a well-written high fantasy with realistic characters that takes place in a medievalish world that's presented with heaps of detail. (In fact, the sheer quantity of detail that Elliot pours into this world may prove to be the Achilles heel of this book for some readers.)

The trouble is, King's Dragon is merely the first in a seven-book epic. The series is completed, so I don't have to sit around waiting for the next installment to be written. My problem is that I'm just not sure how to rationalize to my self and- even more challenging- to my wife that it's a good use of my time to sit down and read the next 4,500 pages. (No, that's not an exageration on the page count.)

So, even though I really enjoyed reading the book and would recomend it to anyone who's willing to get themselves caught up in a long series, it may be a while until I return to visit the kingdoms of Varre and Wendar.

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